FalconBrush launches new sustainable range: Ecocycled Brush

Date: 22/08/2022
Falcon Brush

Our planet. We must take care of it together.

And we won't be able to do that by being stuck in the past.

Wooden brushes may seem good for the environment, but all that wood requires trees to be cut down.

That's why Falconbrush developed the brand new Eco Cycled brush, made from 100% recycled plastic.

1 brush contains between 375 and 875 grams of plastic waste. That's 15 to 35 bottles that can no longer pollute our natural world.

The Eco Cycled Brush is not only stronger and higher performing, but also more durable than any conventional brush.

Choose from a wide variety of brushes for a wide variety of purposes and help make a difference.

A real difference.

Because for every brush sold, we donate a percentage to Go Forest.

The Ecocycled Falconbrush. Together we sweep the world clean.

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