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The EcocycledBrush® is not only stronger and more efficient, but also more durable than a traditional brush.

Choose from a wide range of all-purpose brushes and make a difference.

Make a real difference.

Falcon Brush


The demand for high-quality brushes came from the cleaning sector. Ergonomics and solidity were the basic requirements. It needed a sturdy brush block with efficient fibres that are resistant to chemicals. SafeBrush® is FalconBrush’s® response, with high-performance brushes for industrial use.

The yellow and black colour combination is characteristic of their sphere of application, where safety colours are a must. The lifespan and resistance of the PBT fibres under intensive and extreme use are particularly suitable for this task.

Our handles with 32m grip ensure an ergonomic use. A must-have in heavy duty cleaning.

Falcon Brush


Professional Hygienic Brushes give a responds to the strict EU regulations for hygiene in medical labs, hospitals, swimming pools and the personal care sector.

We follow the strict European norms, the HACCP norms and the FDA regulations closely to be sure of always keeping a step ahead.

. Sterilizable up to 134 °C (Autoclave)
. Working conditions between min -20°C and max +80 °C 
. Resistance to chemicals, aggressive detergents and disinfectants.

At FalconBrush® we are of the opinion that visual inspection is of primary importance in the detection of blemishes. Using black fibres on a black brush head makes it very difficult to detect blemishes, for example.The contrast produced by coloured fibres on a white brush head simplifies this detection, thereby enabling you to proceed with the sterilisation of your product much sooner.

Falcon Brush


Specific applications require bespoke solutions. This is why we have developed a line of brushes that responds to the needs of the automobile industry.

The aim: to deal with stubborn dirt without damaging delicate paintwork or aluminium.

Our expertise with synthetic fibres convinced us that Rilsan® fibres and PBT were the best solutions. A very dense filling of plucked fibres combined with the characteristics of Rilsan® or PBT is the winning combination for this job.

Falcon Brush


Avant Garde Pro is an ergonomically designed lightweight with a double-locking allowing the use of both wooden and metal broomsticks.

An efficient and extremely user-friendly range intended for perfect cleaning!

Falcon Brush


Falconbrush’s Classic range brings together years of tradition and the latest technology. Four generations' worth of knowhow makes us the ideal partner for research and development of technical brushes. It covers a wide and diverse range of high-quality brushes for every area of application. This range remains right at the top of its segment thanks to the traditional design and wide choice of different, superior quality fibres.

We have the right brush available for all your cleaning problems.

Technical brushes and custom made.

Along with our customers we look for the ideal solution to help them bring their projects to fruition.

Falcon Brush


With our technical know-how we think along, follow the regulations in your industry & develop technical and industrial brushes with market and product knowledge.

Ask our Research & Development team for tailor-made cylinder brushes, strip and seal brushes for various applications.

Falcon Brush


A comprehensive range of painting brushes and materials for every user – from DIY to professional painter.