Together we sweep the world clean

Date: 02/05/2023
Falcon Brush

Our planet. We need to look after it together. And we can’t do that by becoming stuck in the past. Wooden brushes might seem like a good idea for the environment, but to obtain the wood, we need to fell trees.

That’s why Falconbrush has developed the brandnew Ecocycled brush, made from 100% recycled plastic. One brush contains between 375 and 875 grammes of plastic waste – that’s the equivalent of 15 to 35 bottles that would otherwise pollute the environment.

The Ecocycled brush isn’t just stronger and capable of higher performance, but also more sustainable than your typical brush. Choose from a wide selection of different brushes for a wide range of purposes, and help make a difference. A real difference. For every brush we sell, we donate a percentage to Go Forest.

The Ecocycled Falconbrush. Together, we sweep the world clean.